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More info about Primer and barrier washer.

Primer is a brand leader in the manufacture of barrier washer and other solutions about industrial laundry machinery.

The firm is known for having a highly specialized team in barrier washer that can offer the best solutions for each project.

Quality of all products like barrier washer is priority. ISO Certifiación ensures that our equipments have an excellent quality and are one of the best solutions for your laundry.

Primer already has several customers facilities that guarantee the quality of our products and services. So if you looking for barrier washer, please contact us so we can help and study wich is the best option for your project.

Your search about barrier washer has only just begun. We encourage you to browse throuht Primer International website to known more about our solutions. In products page you can find , hotel tumble dryer , drying , ironer , commercial washer, hotel , commercial washer , flatwork ironer , washing machine that may be interest. Please contact us to talk about your project and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Barrier washers (aseptic)
LCA Models / Factor G 360-450
High spin soft-mounted washer extractors, do not require anchorage.
Equipped with two lockable doors, one for loading and one for unloading washer (laundry loaded at front and unloaded at rear), separating the dirty zone from the clean zone by a wall or screen.
Touch screen (4.3”) with fully programmable microprocessor (26 pre-set modifiable programmes, rest available for programming) except LCA-90.
3 water inlets (cold-hot and soft water).
Stainless steel body, drum and tub.
Multiple language settings. Update of software and export of data via USB pen drive.
Solid soap dispenser: 4-compartment drawer, mod. LCA-16/22/35/50/66 with non-return system.
Liquid soap dispenser: 8 programmable signals (time and delay) + 6 optional.
Pulley, belt and inverter transmission with automatic imbalance sensor.
Delayed start operating system and advance programmes, cancel thermal stop (heating). View statistics.
Wet cleaning: special wash for delicate garments with minimum mechanical action.
CE certificate and ETL (USA, Canada) certification, (W)-Ras (United Kingdom) and GOST (Russia).
Allows linen to go directly to the flatwork ironer, without the need for drying first (flatwork).
Optimal loading: enter weight of laundry in programmer for savings in water, heating and chemicals.
Acero inoxidable Variador de frecuencia Mezclador automático (agua fría/caliente) Fácil mantenimiento Diseño eficiente del tambor Touch technology Optimal KG Tercera entrada Wet cleaning Pesaje automático (opcional) Control remoto
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