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More info about Primer and commercial laundry.

Primer is a company specialized in manufacturing commercial laundry and some others machinery for industrial laundry.

The company is constantly innovating in commercial laundry and among other, thanks to highly qualified technical team, who constantly develop new products for industrial laundry.

Primer has always been concerned to provide quality solutions to its customers. Primer has adapted to market requirements, consolidating obtaining the ISO Certification for products like commercial laundry and among others.

Laundry facilities of our customers are our best guarantee. The confidence they have placed in us confirms that our solutions and services has a high quality level. So if you looking for commercial laundry don't hesitate to contact us so we can help with your project.

Your search about commercial laundry has only just begun. We encourage you to browse throuht Primer International website to known more about our solutions. In products page you can find , drying machine , hospital washer , machines for industrial laundry , hotel tumble dryer, ironer for hotel , washer , drying , commercial washer that may be interest. Please contact us to talk about your project and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Semi-industrial washer extractors and dryers
LC-10 PA washer extractors

High spin soft-mounted washer extractors, do not require anchorage.
Stainless steel drum and tub.
2 water inlets (cold-hot).
Body according to model selected (see table).
Programmable microprocessor with pre-established programmes.
Soap drawer designed for liquid dosage.
Allows linen to go directly to the flatwork ironer, without the need for drying first (flatwork).

DR-10 PA Dryers
Programmable microprocessor with 7 pre-established programmes.
Transmission is via belt not pulley.
Body version: white and inox (front and upper cover).
Radial air flow for increased efficiency in the drying process.
Easy-to-clean flat filter (can be cleaned without removing).
Cool Down (anticrease).
Reduced energy consumption and kinder to mechanical parts (frequency inverter).
CE certificate and gas certifications

Self-service double washer extractor and dryer
LC/DR Model
Unit made up of semi-industrial washer extractor and dryer.
See main features in the Washer and Dryer sections.
There are two models, stainless steel and white enamel.
Washer extractor: high spin soft-mounted washer extractors, do not require anchorage.
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