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More info about Primer and laundry.

Primer is a brand leader in the manufacture of laundry and other solutions about industrial laundry machinery.

In Primer find the best solution for laundry developed by a team of skilled workers and specialized in the industrial laundry sector.

The market demands have made Primer evolves and proves its quality with an ISO certification for its products like laundry.

Laundry facilities of our customers are our best guarantee. The confidence they have placed in us confirms that our solutions and services has a high quality level. So if you looking for laundry don't hesitate to contact us so we can help with your project.

Besides laundry in Primer International webpage you can find other like , primer laundry , hotel , hospital washer , commercial washer, commercial dryer , aseptic washer , washing machine , roll ironer that could might interest you. We invite you to browse through the website to see what solutions we can offer and contact us to help you with your project and with your questions.

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