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More info about Primer and roll ironer.

Primer is a brand leader in the manufacture of roll ironer and other solutions about industrial laundry machinery.

The firm is known for having a highly specialized team in roll ironer that can offer the best solutions for each project.

Primer has always been concerned to provide quality solutions to its customers. Primer has adapted to market requirements, consolidating obtaining the ISO Certification for products like roll ironer and among others.

Primer already has several customers facilities that guarantee the quality of our products and services. So if you looking for roll ironer, please contact us so we can help and study wich is the best option for your project.

Your search about roll ironer has only just begun. We encourage you to browse throuht Primer International website to known more about our solutions. In products page you can find , primer laundry , hotel laundry equipment , commercial laundry , ironer, hotel tumble dryer , aseptic washer , hotel laundry equipment , gas dryer that may be interest. Please contact us to talk about your project and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Wall flatwork ironers Ø500 mm
Wall ironers Ø 500 with linen front feed and delivery using Nomex feeding belts.
Pressure roll system with Nomex ironing belts.
Body in grey skinplate and stainless steel.
Polished steel roll, with green finger guard.
Electronic programmer, allows automatic adjustment of temperature and ironing speed from 0.1 to 6.5 m/min at any moment (inverter).
Temperature display.
Automatic stop system for cooling (80ºC).
Gas burner, two versions: Atmospheric and Radiant (25% more production).
Allows linen to go directly from the high spin washer to the flatwork ironer, without the need for drying first.
CE certificate and gas certifications.
Microprocesador Acero inoxidable Variador de frecuencia Rodillo acero alto rendimiento Fácil mantenimiento Quemador radiante Control de humedad Cilindro cromado
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