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More info about Primer and dryer ironer.

Primer is a company specialized in manufacturing all types of industrial laundry machinery such as dryer ironer.

The company is constantly innovating in dryer ironer and among other, thanks to highly qualified technical team, who constantly develop new products for industrial laundry.

Primer has always been concerned to provide quality solutions to its customers. Primer has adapted to market requirements, consolidating obtaining the ISO Certification for products like dryer ironer and among others.

Laundry facilities of our customers are our best guarantee. The confidence they have placed in us confirms that our solutions and services has a high quality level. So if you looking for dryer ironer don't hesitate to contact us so we can help with your project.

Besides dryer ironer in Primer International webpage you can find other like , coin washer , compact ironer , dryer ironer , commercial dryer, hotel tumble dryer , professional laundry equipment , barrier washer , fast spin washer that could might interest you. We invite you to browse through the website to see what solutions we can offer and contact us to help you with your project and with your questions.

A high performance and maximum efficiency industrial laundry calender  

At Primer we are pleased to present our wide range of wall ironers and tumble dryers; this is an industrial laundry calender perfect and innovative for drying, ironing and folding flat clothes, created and designed to satisfy the needs of all types of clients.

We are looking at industrial clothes irons, designed to offer the best performance, as well as high productivity, they offer notable energy efficiency options and considerable time savings. It is worth highlighting their SMART IRON system (humidity control) and high performance: gas radiant burner, rear outlet, longitudinal folder, connectivity, versatility, etc.

Features of these industrial laundry calenders 

  • Ø 200/325 wall mounted with the entry and exit for clothing through the front via Nomex feeding bands
  • Pressure roller system with Nomex ironing bands
  • Unit in Skin Plate grey and stainless steel
  • Roller in brushed steel, fitted with green finger guard bar.
  • Electronic programmer, enables the temperature and speed of the ironing to be controlled automatically from 0.1 to 6.5 m/min at any time (variable speed drive), viewing the temperature and the aforementioned parameters
  • Automatic shutdown system for cooling (80ºC)
  • Two version gas burner: Atmospheric and Radiant (25% more production)
  • They enable the clothing to be passed from the washing machine at high speed to the calender without the need to dry it first (smooth clothing)
  • EC Certified and gas certificates

If you are interested in buying an industrial laundry calender like this one… 

We understand that this type of machinery for Industrial laundry represents a significant investment for any business, whilst it can also generate certain confusion if you don’t fully understand its features or applications. If you have any questions you would like to ask us, you just need to contact our customer service department to receive detailed information, as well as fully customised advice.

You can do so by telephoning 93 812 27 70, sending an email to info@primer.es, or by completing the form that you will find in this link.

Choose Primer, and you will be choosing the laundry of the future!


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