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More info about Primer and compact ironer.

Primer is a company specialized in manufacturing compact ironer and some others machinery for industrial laundry.

In Primer find the best solution for compact ironer developed by a team of skilled workers and specialized in the industrial laundry sector.

Primer has always been concerned to provide quality solutions to its customers. Primer has adapted to market requirements, consolidating obtaining the ISO Certification for products like compact ironer and among others.

Primer already has several customers facilities that guarantee the quality of our products and services. So if you looking for compact ironer, please contact us so we can help and study wich is the best option for your project.

Your search about compact ironer has only just begun. We encourage you to browse throuht Primer International website to known more about our solutions. In products page you can find , drying machine , commercial washer , roll ironer , gas ironer, heat pump dryer , barrier washer , gas ironer , industrial washer extractor that may be interest. Please contact us to talk about your project and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Simple, reliable, robust and affordable professional clothes irons 

The range of wall irons by PRIMER is the ideal choice or all establishments that do not require large productions and where, however, the level of investment is an important factor.

Easy to use, they are perfect for small amounts of flat garments in restaurants, small hotels, hostels, etc. Electrically heated, in its two versions of roller diameter (180 and 250mm), they require a previous step of drying, to reach the humidity of 20-25% and thereby achieve the optimum ironing quality. Their simple mechanism makes them reliable and hard wearing, meaning the most affordable but safest option for a small laundry.

Features of the Ø180/250 mm professional clothes irons  

  • Front feeding and reception of the garments
  • Exterior unit in skinplate and upper panel in stainless steel
  • Anodised steel tray
  • Finger guard bar
  • Electric heating
  • Standard model: brushed steel roller coated in polyester and a cotton cover
  • Nomex model: with moleskin and Nomex cover, which enables working at high temperatures, up to 190 ºC. 
  • Ironing is recommended with a maximum humidity of 20%.
  • Special voltages (OPTION)

Contact us to receive more detailed information about our professional clothes irons  

If you have any questions to ask us about our industrial clothes iron, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department to receive all of the necessary information. We have spent many years designing machinery for industrial laundries and we know this type of machinery can cause some confusion. If this is the case with you, complete the contact form that you will find on this website, send us an email to the address info@primer.es, or call us by telephone on 93 812 27 70.

We will be delighted to help you and offer you personalised advice!

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