Operation, strengths and features of a heat pump tumble dryer

If you have ever asked yourself what a heat pump tumble dryer is, we will explain all in this post. Keep reading!

heat pump tumble dryer is capable of carrying out the same cycle repeatedly. We are talking about rotating tumble dryers that make use of the heat over and over again, using the exact amount of energy needed for each load and drying cycle. They are the most efficient ones in our catalogue. Another of their strengths can be found in the fact that they don’t need an external vapour outlet, and this makes their installation much simpler, as well as their maintenance and, above all, ideal for premises where there is no outside access for the vapour outlet to go.. But…How do heat pump tumble dryers work?

  1. The tumble dryer moves the air around the inside thanks to its fan.
  2. The air reaches the exchanger and increases the temperature through a physical process with liquid coolant.
  3. Afterwards, the hot air circulates around the drum, evaporating the humidity from the entire load.
  4. Then, the hot and humid air passes to the second exchanger where the liquid coolant acts again, condensing the water vapour and drying the air.
  5. The air, cold again, leaves the second exchanger and the cycle starts again.
This ability makes them highly efficient and perfect tumble dryers, reducing the energy consumption of your tumble dryer, without having to reduce the daily workload.

An efficient and very versatile heat pump tumble dryer

Now you know how they work, we would like to show you the features of these industrial clothes tumble dryers. Specifically, the OPTIMA line by Primer, which is characterised by its incorporation of the T2 processor, its excellent connectivity or its efficient drying and an exceptional quality.

The truth is that, thanks to the new T2, you will be able to customise the programming and control aspects such as the tracking or analysis of all types of data. It includes a 4.3” fully programmable and easy to use touch screen. It has the possibility of showing illustrative or promotional videos on its display.

Furthermore, if you are looking for an efficient tumble dryer, pay a lot of attention: it is prepared to work with ‘Wet Cleaning’, it has an axial-radial air flow and also has a large fluff filter. It can easily be turned into a self-service model and, if that wasn’t enough, we offer the possibility of having it custom made.

Its high degree of connectivity will allow you to manage it from your mobile or your tablet, very conveniently. Even the technical support or your customers’ payments, in the case of a self-service laundry, can be done remotely.

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