Washing machines for hotels with advanced features and a high degree of energy efficiency

The professional line of washing machines from Primer has been designed for businesses that do not require particularly large machines for their small business, but need industrial and robust machines or they are not able to afford to the investment involved in buying an industrial washing machine, but require a machine with advanced features, a high-energy efficiency and exceptional washing quality.

We are talking about campsites, gyms, restaurants, nurseries, self-service laundries, schools, hairdressers, hostels, beauty salons, spas, apartment buildings, cleaning companies…

Capable of meeting any demand of the market, the main development is the new T2 touch screen programmer, more intuitive than the previous model and with multiple functions. Moreover, the washing machines are prepared for the special cleaning of mops using a platform and filter (optional). We have the latest advances in saving energy, water and chemical products, in addition to the Wet Cleaning system (washing extremely delicate garments) as a standard feature.

A washing machine for hotels which is characterised by its versatility

  • Model can be easily adapted to a self-service model
  • Electric <> Hot water
  • Drain valve <> Pump
  • Unit < > Stacked
  • Prepared with features for standard Wet Cleaning with T2
  • Ideal for many sectors: restaurants, gyms, campsites, washing mops, apartments, nurseries…

Just like the superior models, it is characterised by its excellent features

  • High G FACTOR of 450.
  • T2 microprocessor, easy to use and fully programmable with a 4.3” touch screen.
  • 29 pre-set programmes.
  • 8 standard dosing signals.
  • USB port. Free software for programming, traceability, data analysis…
  • Standard traceability.
  • Standard Wet Cleaning with the T2 control.
  • T2: modifiable water levels and speed.
  • Prepared for remote communication.
  • Multi-payment systems.
  • Short washing cycles (6 kW of heat output).

A washing machine with high rates of energy efficiency

  • Smart weighing system.
  • Optimal KG: manual indication of the load weight.
  • High G factor of 450.
  • Reduced residual humidity > reduced drying time

Robust and manufactured with high quality materials

  • Exterior unit in grey skinplate.
  • Robust aluminium door.
  • Tub, drum and drum paddles in AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • No inner drum seal (muffle). Easier to repair and clean.
  • Industrial bearing support and bearings (up to 15,000 operating hours).
  • Same motor and inverter as industrial washing machines.
  • Industrial and robust door lock.

Other interesting features of this washing machine for hotels

  • Floating washing machines (levelling feet included).
  • LOADING AID: helps loading with water and rotation of the drum.
  • Detergent dispenser with 4 compartments.
  • Frequency inverter to control imbalances.
  • CB, WRAS and EAC certifications.
  • ETL Option.

Additional options for this professional washing machine

  • Double drain.
  • Installation of a soap dispenser on the top.
  • Valve-pump transformation kit.
  • Silicone gasket.
  • Reversible door: opposite door opening.
  • Tropicalised model: protective board.
  • Card with 6 extra dosing signals: total of up to 14 signals.
  • NEW Dosing pump kit DQ-2
  • Draining valve normally closed.
  • Plinth for improved ergonomics.
  • Plinth for mops, with filter(valve models only).
  • Plinth for water recovery (includes tank).
  • Exterior unit in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Time-delayed door opening in the event of power outages.
  • Maritime voltage 440V III 50/60 Hz no neutral (for electric models).
  • Voltage 110-120 V I 50/60 Hz no neutral.
  • Coin/token kit.