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We are an extremely reliable company selling industrial washing machines, with the most advanced and efficient models on the market

If you need an industrial washing machine for the laundry of your business, company or organisation, we are bound to have a great deal to offer you. 

We have three different ranges of industrial washing machines, of low, medium and high speed; they boast a long list of features that have made them the leading models on the market, thanks to factors such as their washing quality, energy efficiency, productivity and ergonomics. 

Furthermore, we also have a special line of washing machines with hygienic barrier, designed for laundries where the maximum levels of hygiene and disinfection are required.

Characteristics and strengths of our industrial washing machines

We present you with the latest innovation in industrial washing machines, in the three ranges of high, medium and low speed, and with features designed to offer a high degree of energy efficiency. 

As one of the main new developments, it is worth highlighting that we have incorporated the new T2 control. This touch programmer provides a series of more advanced features than the previous model, in terms of efficiency, innovation, versatility, ergonomics and connectivity.

It has a 7” touch screen depending on the model chosen, with the option of displaying instructional or promotional videos; which can be configured in 37 different languages, it has 8 standard dosing signals, pre-set low consumption programmes and a complete control of the traceability and data analysis in real time.

It is also important to mention that all of the models boast a high G factor (450, 300, and 200 depending on the speed chosen), a system of automatic water and detergent consumption - they consume less than 10 litres of water per kg and cycle- and they can be connected to water recovery tanks, reducing annual consumption by up to 70%. 

On the other hand, they are easily adaptable to self-service models, they do not require a lot of maintenance and they offer a high degree of connectivity. They have always been designed aiming to achieve machines that are ergonomic, with easy access to all the components, and tremendously versatile. 

Ultimately, we are looking at floating washing machines of advanced technology, made to cover the needs of a long list of applications and businesses: hotels, multiple industries, public institutions, self-service laundries...

Washing machines with a hygienic barrier, designed for anywhere that requires a very high level of hygiene and disinfection 

At Primer, we also have a special line of washing machines with a hygienic barrier with the highest guarantees in hygiene, disinfection and safety. These machines are designed to meet the requirements of laundries in hospital, scientific, pharmaceutical and clean room environments...

One of the key and common features in all of the models is their double door system, designed to prevent cross-contamination between dirty and clean linen. 

We have three different ranges of washing machines with a hygienic barrierLCA 16-22, LCA 27-35-50-70 and LCA 100 PULLMAN. 

The range is vast and stands out for its advanced technology and characteristics, its high spin speed and easy installation. The washing machines are ideal to meet the requirements of this demanding market with their capacities ranging from 16 to 100 kg. Their ergonomic design enables them to operate efficiently while also significantly increasing their output. 

We also have industrial tumble dryers as well as a water and detergent recovery tank

Another of our lines of business is industrial tumble dryers. You will find three different ranges of dryers in our catalogue: with a single drum, double drum and with a heat pump. 

All of them include advanced features and, in conjunction with our range of washing machines, we can offer you the most advanced and efficient industrial machinery on the market.

We even have a water recovery tank called SAVETANK, that will save you 70% on your yearly consumption of energy and detergent. 

We must not forget to mention that you will also find a comprehensive section of wall calenders and finishing machines. 

If you need some advice and detailed information…

Investing in an industrial washing machine is a big step for any company or business. 

If you would like one of our sales representatives to contact you, you just need to complete the form that you will find by clicking on this link.

You can also call us by phone on (+34) 93 812 27 70 or send us an email to info@primer.es

Trust our machines and your laundry will take a leap into the future!

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