Industrial laundry: discover all of the features and strengths of our professional line

We would like to introduce our new range of 8 and 10 kg professional washing machines and tumble dryers. They are very technologically advanced and boast new features, designed for a market which is becoming more demanding in terms of quality, the environment and the technical characteristics of the machinery. Capable of meeting any demand of the market, the main development is the new T2 touch screen programmer, more intuitive than the previous model and with multiple functions. 

It enables tutorials to be displayed for users, can be configured in 37 different languages, it enables an exhaustive control of the traceability and analysis of data, it comes with pre-loaded eco-friendly programmes (29 in total), it has a USB connection to load customised programmes and has 8 standard dosing signals. 

Moreover, the washing machines are prepared for the special cleaning of mops using a platform and filter (optional). They also have the latest advances in terms of saving energy, water and chemical products, as well as the Wet Cleaning system to wash delicate items. They include T2 as a standard feature, making this range ideal for self-service laundries, dry cleaners, nurseries, care homes, restaurants, hotels, gyms, schools...

We have launched the most efficient professional dryers on the current market 

Our professional tumble dryers are the most efficient dryers on the market compared to models with similar features and capacities. They have a long list of strengths and features which, not only guarantee the highest drying quality possible, but also make them capable of doing so efficiently and while respecting the environment. 

Our catalogue includes three different models–DP 8-10 P, DP 8-10 T2, DP-10 P BASIC–. They are solid dryers, highly versatile, with grey skinplate panels and an aluminium industrial door which is reversible and large in size. 

They can easily be turned into self-service models with control panels between the drums, achieving better ergonomics.

They do not require a lot of maintenance and their components are easily accessible. Depending on the model chosen, they incorporate the T2 or P microprocessor. The new PrimerLink system can also be added to achieve a greater degree of connectivity which has never been seen before in a professional dryer.

If you choose the model with the T2 microprocessor, it is important to mention that, like the washing machines, they are prepared to work with Wet Cleaning.

Perfect models of machinery for a self-service laundry area

At Primer, we have special modules called PrimerBox which have been designed for mobile or permanent self-service laundry areas. Our entire line of professional machinery can be installed in them with no problems whatsoever.
Specifically, we are talking about a system of transportable, fully equipped modules with different configuration options. They can be open, closed or double. Everything is designed to provide an attractive space for the customer where an optimum service can be provided.
We usually install these modules in petrol stations, laundry tunnels, at mass events, campsites, military areas... There are many varied options.

Would you like us to contact you to talk about our industrial laundry machinery? 

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