Tumble dryers Excellence

Total heat and acoustic insulation in all the unit (Top Isolation).
Smart air recovery system.
Drum speed is automatically varied according to moisture content of linen (Drum Speed + Humidity Sensor), (Smart-dry).
Automatic fire extinguishing system fitted as standard.
Double doorglass to prevent heat losses.
Programming via PM microprocessor, 9 pre-established and modifiable programmes.
Drum reverse action fitted as standard to prevent tangling and reduce drying times (Spin Stop).
Models 11/17/23: transmission direct to shaft via gear motor.
Models 28/35/45/60/80: transmission via belt and pulley and support wheels on front of drum.
New axial and radial air flow for increased efficiency in the drying process (Dual Airflow).
New easy-to-clean flat filter (can be cleaned without removing).
Cool Down (anticrease).
New perforated stainless steel drum.
Reduced energy consumption and kinder to mechanical parts (frequency inverter).
Body in inox-coloured skinplate.
CE certificate and gas certifications.

Stainless steel front and side panels.
Back panel with air filter.
Opposite door opening - to order with dryer order.
Fluff filter with grid 0,6 mm or 1,2 mm (standard is 0,3 mm).
Wooden crate.
Acero inoxidable Variador: mejora el rendimiento Inverter Recirculación del aire Microprocesador Diseño eficiente del tambor Doble flujo de aire Secado inteligente Sistema antiincendios Fácil mantenimiento Filtro Aislamiento del mueble
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