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Sale of laundry washing machines and dryers: advanced features, energy efficiency and productivity

At Primer, we design, manufacture and sell state-of-the-art washing machines, dryers, ironers and laundry accessories. All of our machines have been designed to achieve the highest quality of washing and drying; always taking the environment into consideration, with machines that boast a high degree of energy efficiency; ergonomic and versatile machines, all easily adaptable to self-service models. 

We have spent almost one hundred years working on the research and development of new technologies and solutions for the industrial laundry. We have a projects and engineering department with a high degree of specialisation, capable of tackling any technical and economic study until they come up with the machine or laundry you need.

With a presence in many countries around the world and a proven reliability, we can guarantee that, thanks to our experience and our extensive offer, we have few competitors in terms of industrial laundry machinery.

Laundry washing machines and dryers that will help you to take a leap into the future 

At Primer, we have an extensive catalogue of washing machines, dryers and ironing and finishing machines. It is just a matter of spending five minutes browsing our website to see first-hand everything we can offer your industrial or self-service laundry. 

You will find high, medium and low speed washing machines with extremely advanced features. For example, they incorporate the T2 as standard, a state-of-the-art microprocessor with a 7” touch screen that will offer you endless possibilities: 37 languages available, USB connection, 29 pre-set programmes, 8 standard dosing signals, traceability, analysis of data in real time, informative videos...

On the other hand, it is worth noting the high G factor boasted by all of the models, the option of working with Wet Cleaning or their excellent connectivity which allows you to solve all types of incidents remotely. 

In any case, these are just some of the most notable features we want to highlight but you will see their long list of advantages and strengths if you look directly at the product data sheet.

Hygienic barrier washing machines: maximum hygiene, together with the safety required by hospital laundries

The strict RABC health standards require powerful machines with specific washing processes for hospitals, pharmaceutical, nuclear and cosmetic industries, prison facilities, etc.  

Our range of hygienic barrier washing machines is vast and stands out for its advanced technology and characteristics, its high spin speed and simplicity of installation. 

They are ideal to meet the requirements of this demanding market with their capacities ranging from 16 to 100 kg. Installed in two separate areas, contact between dirty linen and clean linen is avoided, in addition to any type of recontamination during the process. At the same time, their ergonomic design enables them to operate efficiently while also significantly increasing their output, making them a necessary investment for this type of laundry.

Industrial laundry machinery: dryers that are marking a turning point within the sector

We have also designed tumble dryers with the most advanced technology. Our strong commitment to constant innovation has led to a series of notable technical advances in terms of efficiency, drying quality or productivity.
The models from the EXCELLENCE range from 11 up to 80 kg have an Air Recovery System; Smart Dry to control humidity, thermal insulation, the new T2 control, connectivity features and the option of working with Wet Cleaning.
The range of heat pump dryers also includes most of these features, together with huge energy savings and the added bonus of not requiring an exterior steam outlet.
Other ranges such as OPTIMA (with Smart Dry option) and STANDARD, (with a new P programmer), are more versatile. Even the BASIC range has reverse tumble and an INVERTER as standard. Not forgetting the DOUBLE range with many models available (T2 Control or P Control).
To finish, we should mention that nearly all of the ranges can be used as OPL or self-service, with a simple modification to the wallet or connecting it to a payment system.

The best ironing and finishing machines with different sectors in mind: health, hospitality…

Finally, we must not forget our ironing and finishing machines such as the calenders, steam generators, form finishers, ironing tables, pneumatic presses…
Industrial laundry machinery specially designed for companies that need to process large quantities of flat linen each day
If you would like more information about the sale of laundry washing machines and dryers from Primer, or you would like us to offer you a direct and personalised service, you just need to contact our sales department by calling (+34) 93 812 27 70, sending an email to or completing the form that you will find on this website.

Choose Primer and get ready for your laundry to take a leap into the future!

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