Ironing Tables with and without boiler

Ironing table with suction unit and boiler FRA/A, FRA/AS, FRA/AVS

Vacuum ironing table + iron with suction and electrically heated board, controlled by a thermostat.
Built-in electric steam boiler.
Iron included. Second iron as option.
Work table dimensions (1200x400x250 mm).
Automatic water feeding, automatic pressure control.
Feeding pump and emptying valve.
Works by means of a pedal.
Electric heating.

Ironing table with suction unit without boiler FRV/A, FRV/AS, FRV/AVS

Vacuum ironing table + iron, with electrically heated board and suction.
Adjustable temperature of the board by means of a thermostat.
Built-in single phase suction unit.
Work table dimensions (1200x400x250 mm).
Works by means of a pedal.
Electric heating.

FRA- With boiler
FRV- Connect to steam supply
A- Vacuum
S- Blowing
V- Up steaming
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