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What do the PRIMER BOX modules offer you?

For anyone who is thinking of setting up a small mobile or permanent self-service laundry in their business, here at Primer we would like to show you the characteristics and strengths of the new PRIMER BOX model. A system of transportable, fully equipped modules with different configuration options that will enable you to have a state-of-the-art self-service laundry tailored to your needs and with all of the machines you need from our extensive catalogue of industrial machinery.
The module configurations can be open, closed or double, and they can be fully custom-manufactured.
The module in question is designed to create an attractive space for the customer, while also enabling a service to be provided and offering optimum maintenance.
The standard module can house all types of laundry machines. It has a light design with a front that enables inside workings to be seen.

Which machines can we install in our PRIMER BOX modules for mobile self-service laundries?

Most of our machinery can be installed inside these modules for mobile self-service laundries. Below is a list of the washing machines and dryers that can be installed in PRIMER BOX.

PRIMER BOX industrial washing machines

  • Professional washing machine LP 8-10 T2
  • High speed industrial washing machine LS 11-14-19 T2
  • High speed industrial washing machine LS 26-35C-45C
  •  Medium speed industrial washing machine TS 11-14-19-26-T2
  •  Low speed industrial washing machine RS 11-14-19 T2
  •  Low speed industrial washing machine RS 26-35C-45C-RS 62

PRIMER BOX industrial tumble dryers

  • Professional dryer DP-8-10
  • DO OPTIMA single drum industrial dryer
  • DS STANDARD single drum industrial dryer
  • DL BASIC single drum industrial dryer
  • OPTIMA double drum industrial dryers
  • STANDARD double drum industrial dryers
  • BASIC double drum industrial dryers
  • EXCELLENCE heat pump dryer
  • OPTIMA heat pump dryer

Additional options to customise your mobile self-service laundry module

We have different options available to customise your module: water heating system (electric, natural gas or propane gas), side attachment (propane gas), air conditioning, double door, access ramp for disabled persons, extra ventilation grilles, automation, rust-proof structure…
In terms of the interior, the standard module boasts a light design with a front that enables the inside workings to be seen. The entire module is designed to create an attractive and functional space for customers.

What companies do we usually install this type of mobile self-service laundry into?

These mobile self-service laundry modules have been designed for a wide range of businesses from different sectors. These include: petrol stations and service areas, car wash tunnels, mines and oil fields, public car parks, mass events, supermarkets, campsites, investors, military areas, temporary laundries (natural disasters, fire areas…).

Don’t hesitate to request all of the information you need about the PRIMER BOX modules

At Primer, we have always been characterised for being 100% committed to each customer and project, offering personalised advice and making our wealth of knowledge about industrial laundries available to you.
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We will analyse the requirements of your business, we will guide you throughout the entire purchase process and ensure that the machine and option chosen is the most suitable for you. Let’s get to work!