Savetank: the perfect accessory to reduce the water consumption of your industrial washing machine

Are you concerned about the water consumption of your industrial washing machine?

industrial washing machine water consumption

At Primer, we would like to show you all of the characteristics and features of the Savetank water recovery tanks, especially designed to reduce annual consumption and take advantage of washing water, achieving high percentages of saving, which can reach 70% per year.

They are the perfect accessory for Primer industrial washing machines, at the same time as representing a safe and profitable investment for any company with laundry services.

We have always been committed to the research and development of new technologies, which guarantee a high level of energy efficiency, along with a reduction in the consumption of water and detergent, model after model and year after year.


Features of the Savetank water recovery tanks 

  • With this accessory, you will achieve a 70% reduction in yearly water consumption, while also saving a significant amount of detergent.
  • We have models with 1, 2 or 3 water tanks.
  • They are manufactured from high density polyethylene.
  • They have two water level sensors in each tank.
  • You will find two different capacities; one model of 80 litres for 11 to 18kg washing machines, and another of 150 litres for superior models.
  • They work using a Plug & Play system; taking up little space and installation is quite simple.
  • The tanks can be washed using pre-set programmes on washing machines with T2. In ones that do not incorporate this microprocessor, it is worth noting that the tanks can be removed to be cleaned by hand very easily.

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At Primer, thanks to our broad and extensive experience, we know that these types of machines can generate certain confusion, apart from being a significant investment for any company. But, it is important to be clear about that precise point, Savetank is an investment and not an expense, and that the return starts with the first wash.

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales department to receive a direct and personalised service. You can do so by calling  93 812 27 70, sending an email to or by completing the form that you will find by clicking on this link. If you want to reduce the water consumption of your industrial washing machine…

Choose Savetank, choose the laundry of the future!