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We introduce you to all of the new developments in this industrial machinery for 2021

In this post, we would like to show you all of the new developments of our industrial laundry machinery that we have introduced in 2021.

Energy efficiency, maximum connectivity and high quality in the processes are three concepts that all of our models have in common.

But let’s start from the beginning. If we take a look at the industrial washing machines, this year, we have launched high speed models with new capacities; specifically, we have 5 new machines with capacities of 14, 35, 45, 100 and 120 Kg.

maquinaria para lavandería industrial


We launched the first model to match our new 14kg dryer, a perfect partnership for small laundries and businesses such as restaurants, campsites, hairdressers, gyms, shops…
The next two models have been designed for laundries with significant volumes of work, but without much space in small areas. This might be in the hotel sector, for example.
Meanwhile, the other two models are for industrial laundries with the need to process enormous amounts of linen each day, with a high washing quality, and with the option of controlling the traceability of each cycle simply.
All of our lines of industrial washing machines incorporate the new T2 as standard, a microprocessor with a large 7” touch screen which can display instructional or informative videos to all users. They also have pre-set eco-friendly programmes, to which you can also upload your own customised programmes via a USB connection, configuration in 37 languages, option of working with Wet Cleaning, 8 standard dosing signals, powerful software for the traceability and analysis of data from each cycle, full control via IoT…

Industrial laundry machinery designed to work using IoT 

maquinaria para lavandería industrial

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is here to stay. With the industrial laundry sector, there has definitely been a turning point in terms of connectivity and the remote control of all of our models, whether we look at it from the point of view of the owners or the technical support service.
We have developed a system called PrimerLink which provides numerous advantages. As a technical support service, it enables us to monitor the status of any machine, receive error warnings that arise during periods of operation, update software remotely, recover data for the after-sales service…
If we look at all of the advantages that the IoT offers owners and managers, we can see that it enables them to manage their laundry comprehensively. They can create discount programmes for customers, statistics and traceability from a mobile device. They can also monitor the business, have a payment app, offer customers the option to pay via QR code (self-service laundry), reserve machines… and all from anywhere in the world.
Ultimately, this two-way communication between the machine and user via the cloud will enable you to optimise your time, as well as manage and optimise your business deal better.

New developments in our industrial dryers for 2021 

Firstly, the EXCELLENCE and OPTIMA ranges of industrial dryers incorporate the new T2 microprocessor with 7” screen as standard, with all of the advantages this brings with it and that we have mentioned above.
On the other hand, we have launched a new dryer with a capacity of 14kg in the single drum models. It is available in all of the lines we have of this type of dryer–EXCELLENCE, OPTIMA, STANDARD and BASIC–.

We should also emphasise that we have incorporated a gas turbo model to our double drum models which is capable of drying the same amount of linen as the earlier ones, but in half of the time and with the same drying quality.  This further improves their energy efficiency levels and is available in all of the lines, BASIC, STANDARD and OPTIMA–.

We finish by reminding you that, if you are looking for the most efficient dryer on the current market, you should spend a few seconds looking at the features of our heat pump models. They are available in two different ranges, EXCELLENCE and OPTIMA–, designed especially to offer much higher rates of energy efficiency than similar and current models.

Ozone cabinets for the disinfection of clothing

maquinaria para lavandería industrial


This is another of the main developments in our industrial laundry machinery catalogue. It is an ozone cabinet for clothing, with all of the hygiene and disinfection guarantees offered by modern technology.

Garments and accessories are sanitised and deodorised completely naturally without using any type of chemical products, using ozone.

It completely removes bad odours from products as wide-ranging as tobacco, smoke, sweat, urine, pets… It is particularly suitable for all types of items that cannot be washed using conventional machines: helmets, overalls, jackets, boots, hats, caps, quilts, pillows, curtains…

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