A compact industrial sheet ironing machine, designed for small laundries with significant volumes of work

The new line of high production calenders that we have launched onto the market has the capacity to adapt to the needs of any customer, from small to large laundries.

Our range of high production calenders enables us to satisfy and cover the needs of this type of customer, who need to process between 2000 and 2,300 kg of flat linen every day: sheets, tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases…

It is especially designed for laundries in hotels, hospitality, large restaurants, etc.

Furthermore, this flatwork ironer allows us to have the option of certain production capacities in small spaces: up to 290 kg/h in 25 m².

Characteristics of this industrial sheet ironing machine (Ø 600 / 800 / 1000 mm)

  • The C models only dry and iron; they don’t have a folding system or device.
  • Dimensions of the roll: 2.6 and 3.3 metres in length.
  • Frequency inverter.
  • Nomex feeding and ironing belts.
  • Unit in white coated steel.
  • Roll in brushed steel with a finger guard bar.
  • Touch control screen that enables the creation of programmes with speed control (the metres per minute depend on the model chosen).
    • C600: between 3 and 10 metres per minute.
    • C800: between 3 and 13 metres per minute.
    • C1000: between 4 and 18 metres per minute.
  • High production capacity depending on the residual humidity of the laundry:
    • C600: up to 140 Kg/ hour
    • C800: up to 220 Kg/ hour
    • C1000: up to 290 Kg/ hour
  • Electric, gas or steam heating system.
  • Powerful vapour extraction system.
  • Requires a compressed air connection of 6.5 bar.

Other optional features of our high production calenders

  • Automatic one lane clamp feeder and vacuum feeding belts.
  • Suction table.
  • Rear exit with by-pass.
  • Monitored rear exit with a height of 850 mm.
  • Rear collector with 2 lanes + bypass.
  • Rear collector with 4 lanes + bypass.
  • Special voltage