Primer FAQ

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Industrial washing machines are very similar to domestic washing machines, with the difference that they are usually more heavy-duty and contain better components, since they are designed to work for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The average washing time of an industrial washing machine depends on different factors, but a common program usually lasts about 1 hour.

The dimensions of an industrial washing machine vary according to its capacity. For example, we have 11 kg industrial washing machines with a height of just over 1 m and much larger 120 kg industrial washing machines with a height of more than 2 m.

(LS washing machines, high-speed models by PRIMER)

Yes, with water recovery systems. Primer washing machines can be connected to SAVETANK water recovery tanks, which allow for savings of up to 70% of water and detergent every year.

Our washing machines offer various water-saving options. Firstly, users have the option to set the program according to the needs and the load, adjust the water level according to the load, select the design of the drum, etc.
The ET2 control system allows the user to set the program and adjust the amount of water and detergents to optimise the washing cycle and save on resources. Using less water in the washing process indirectly helps to consume less chemical product, as less is needed to achieve the proper concentration when soaking. What is more, less energy is needed to heat the water.
Over time, stains become more deeply embedded in the garment. Time is of the essence, and it is important to treat the garment with the appropriate programme and detergent for each type of stain.

Water temperature is one of the key factors in the washing process. Each fabric and chemical product have an optimum working temperature, and we need to find the right balance in order to avoid serious problems such as shrinkage and deformation of the garment, colour bleeding, wear and tear, etc.

While industrial tumble dryers are very similar to domestic tumble dryers, the former have a larger capacity and, above all, are much more heavy-duty. Industrial tumble dryers feature higher quality components which allow them to work non-stop for up to 10 hours a day.

Laundry drying depends on the type of garment. Our tumble dryers are designed to treat and dry any type of garment. On the other hand, calenders are used primarily for drying flat linen. Calenders can dry and iron clothes taken directly from the washing machine. This saves on consumption from tumble dryers.


An industrial flatwork ironer is a laundry machine used for ironing flat linen, including all types of table linen, curtains, sheets, pillows, etc. Some are equipped with vacuum and blowing units for drying and ironing at the same time.
We have two different types of machines: wall ironers and high output calenders. The former are electric models that are suited to restaurants and small hotels.
The latter are designed to offer high output in small spaces. They can include a feeder and a folder.
  • Working speed:

Speed is directly related to the time the garment is exposed to the pressure and temperature of the ironer. This is an important factor from a productivity point of view, as the faster the machine operates, the greater the output per hour.

  • Temperature

Each fibre has an appropriate ironing temperature and, crucially, a temperature that we must not reach, as this can change the properties of the fibre and produce permanent deformations.


We have extensive experience as a manufacturer of washing machines and dryers, and we offer a modular solution that is fully adaptable and customisable to the specific needs and daily workload of each type of business. With PRIMER BOX, we offer our customers a system of mobile modular units that come fully equipped and feature different configuration options for your state-of-the-art self-service laundry.

Depending on the number of machines and their washing and drying capacity, a laundry can be set up for as little as €8,000. At Primer, we have industrial washing machines and tumble dryers starting at a capacity of 8 kg.
Yes, there are laundries built into mobile structures. With our PRIMER BOX mobile modular units, the possibilities are numerous. Over the years we have set them up in many different locations and for many different businesses: campsites, petrol stations, bars, universities, country lodges, etc.