How to save water in an industrial laundry?

At PRIMER, we are always committed to researching and developing new technologies that ensure a high level of energy efficiency—model after model, year after year. 

Saving natural resources is one of the major challenges we face, and we take it extremely seriously.

This is why, we at PRIMER have created SAVETANK, a water recovery system to go alongside our industrial washing machines. 

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What is a water recovery tank?

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SAVETANK is a state-of-the-art water recovery system that guarantees up to 70% water savings through the reuse of water recovered during washing.

It is an external unit that connects to washing machines through the T2 microprocessor. It comes in two models with different capacities: an 80-litre model for 11-18 kg washing machines; and a 150-litre model for larger machines.

It uses a plug & play system, takes up very little space and is easy to install. The tanks can be washed using pre-set programs and they can be removed if manual cleaning is required.

As well as optimising energy consumption, reused water reduces your laundry’s operating costs. This solution is the best way to optimise the resources of an industrial laundry for the benefit of the environment.

SAVETANK is the perfect accessory for PRIMER industrial washing machines, a safe and profitable investment for any company offering laundry services.

Technical characteristics of the SAVETANK water recovery system

  • Water recovery system consisting of 1, 2 or 3 tanks.

  • Exterior unit in grey skinplate.

  • 80 L tanks for LS-11/14/18 front loading washing machines and LCA-16/22 barrier washers.

  • 150 L tanks for LS-26/35C front loading washing machines and LCA-27/35 barrier washers.

  • The recovery system fills each tank by means of filling valves.

  • Easy to install and connect to PRIMER washing machines with the T2 microprocessor.

  • Capacity to recover up to 70% of water.

  • Removable high density polyethylene tanks for easy maintenance and cleaning.

  • Each recovery system consists of a water inlet, steam vent, water outlet and an overflow/drain.

  • Two water level sensors (minimum and maximum) in each tank.

The SAVETANK system is an investment, not an expense. You see returns from the first wash, and that is our PRIMER guarantee.

At PRIMER, we manufacture industrial laundry machinery, and are constantly committed to technological evolution through the development of efficient, eco-friendly and professional laundry equipment.

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