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Our company, specialised in industrial laundry, was founded in Vic (Barcelona) in 1922 and since then it has been leading the way as a laundry manufacturer in Spain.

Our factory has modern facilities, and with more than 8000 m2, 14 years after the opening, we took on an extension of over 1500 m2. We have a department of engineering and projects (R&D) with a high degree of specialisation, able to address any technical and economical Laundry project.

Present in more than 20 countries around the world with proven reliability, it is the result of the constant technological evolution of our products.
At PRIMER we manufacture the machinery your company needs. We personalise your requirements and adapt our machinery to your projects for optimum satisfaction.

We have a technical and commercial network extending across the whole country, which allows us to meet the needs of our customers. With special care during the process for purchasing the equipment, followed by an after-sales service.

We have an excellent human team who provide a personalised and immediate service, guaranteeing good advice during each project or study.

This allows us to adapt to the evolution of today's world, where the development of new ideas and new concepts is key for adapting to market dynamics: energy savings, water savings, energy efficiency in all the processes and a constant commitment to quality in all the products offered.

Universal presence

PRIMER began to pave its way in the international market more than 10 years ago, successfully trading all its products in the most demanding markets.
The painstaking and efficient work of our Export Department has resulted in an increase in sales and the reputation of our name, and we have expanded among the most relevant dealers. Our priority in this respect is to help the international network of distributors to grow and become more widely recognised in the international laundry sector.

service and proximity

PRIMER's principal added value is proximity. Although we have grown exponentially in terms of business and personnel, we have retained the quality and proximity in our dealings with customers, more typical of family firms.
This proximity is gradually disappearing in the market due to the existence of multinational companies in the Services sector, resulting in a higher level of overall dissatisfaction among customers, both when addressing their problems or requirements and when offering solutions.
Aware of this problem, at PRIMER we have always prioritised and safeguarded a good customer service, offering close attention from the very first moment until the start-up of the laundry and subsequent service.
We endeavour to look after these details, and right from the initial contact, the potential customer is met by an expert in laundry, who offers advice, and the security and certainty that the request will be closely monitored, whether it is a query, a quote or an assembly, thereby avoiding constant referral to different departments and people.
The services offered by PRIMER range from initial assessment in the choice of the machine, manufacture, delivery, start-up, to a full after-sales service. The team of professionals at PRIMER is able to develop complete turnkey projects, adjusting the planning, design and costs to the requirements of each customer.

Evolution and efficiency

At present the R&D department is committed to improving global energy efficiency. Its work is based on four fundamental pillars: Energy, Water, CO2 and chemical products.

Our work is in line with the work of the European “SMILE” project: Initiatives for the development of sustainable laundries, focussing on 16 strategies to reduce kW/h, CO2, chemical products and water. In a guaranteed and planned manner.
Energy consumption
Based on the premise “The best energy is the energy that is not consumed”, we analyse all the manufacturing projects and ...... we aim to improve their efficiency.
CO2 emissions / CO2 carbon footprint
CO2 is a greenhouse gas and the main cause of global warming. In the light of these scenarios, company activities and products with a low environmental impact are becoming more and more appreciated.

Based on this distribution, it is clear that it is essential to focus on the emissions during the product's useful life. From this aspect, we design equipment so that their programmes of use are as efficient as possible. We maximise the performance of our machines with the best available technologies.
Use of chemical products
Chemical dosage is controlled according to the load together with the duration of each wash cycle, resulting in significant product savings.
Water consumption
The scarcity of natural resources means that savings in the use of resources must be our objective when designing our equipment. Water involves piping costs and the costs of the treatment of the used water.

Techniques for reuse and dosage control have helped to significantly reduce water consumption in each cycle.
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