SINGLE DRUM DS 11-14-18-22-35-45-60-80 STANDARD

This is an affordable industrial tumble dryer, but with nothing to envy of its older sisters

This is an affordable industrial tumble dryer and at a more than reasonable price, but without ignoring the fact that it has excellent features. On the other hand, it is worth highlighting that it incorporates the new P programmer, with which you will be able to control the time and temperature of the drying at all times, as well as the possibility of working with Wet Cleaning programmes, or analysing aspects such as tracking and all types of data easily and quickly

P programmer from Primer

  • New P programmer with which you can control the time and temperature

Most notable features of the Standard line

  • Reverse-tumble as standard
  • Stainless steel drum as standard
  • Frequency inverter as standard

An affordable and efficient dryer

  • DUAL AIRFLOW: axial-radial air flow system
  • Large fluff filter

A versatile and customisable machine

  • Possibility of custom design
  • Prepared to work with Wet Cleaning
  • OPL > self-service: the standard OPL dryer convertible to self-service version

Ergonomics and low maintenance guaranteed

  • Stainless steel filter draw
  • Large diameter door
  • Reverse direction when door is opened
  • Folding panel: easy access and ergonomic
  • Technical menu: statistics, data recovery for after sales service, software updates…

Other features it is worth highlighting from this affordable and modern industrial dryer

  • Unit in skinplate grey, inox effect
  • Transmission through a gear-motor
  • Integrated fire protection system
  • SOFT DRY: drum with embedded perforations
  • COOL DOWN: cooling at the end of the cycle
  • Available with electric, gas or steam heating
  • EC approved

Additional and complementary options of the Standardline

  • P programer display
  • Double doorglass
  • Opposite door opening
  • Back panel external air + filter
  • Fluff filter with grid 0,6mm (standard is 0,3mm)
  • Fluff filter with grid 1,2mm (standard is 0,3mm)
  • Stainless steel front and side panels
  • Front panel in stainless steel
  • Steam battery in stainless steel
  • Low pressure steam battery
  • Reduced power (12kw instead of 18kw) for DS-18
  • Maritime wooden packing
  • Ship voltage for electric models:
    440V III 50/60 Hz No neutral
  • Other voltages available