SINGLE POCKET DL 11-14-18-22-28-35 BASIC

Industrial dryer: affordable price and drying quality with the new Basic line

This new line of dryers by Primer is characterised by offering a good drying quality at a more than reasonable price, for all those businesses or laundries who do not have a very high budget. It is perfect for small businesses and laundries with medium or low volumes of work. Although it offers less features than its older sisters, with the new P programmer, you will be able to control aspects such as the temperature or the time; be clear that it is a machine which is prepared to work with Wet Cleaning programmes; or that can be easily converted from its OPL version to self-service.

P programmer from Primer

  • New P programmer with which you can control the time and temperature

Industrial dryer: reasonable prices for its good features

  • Reverse-tumble as standard
  • Galvanized drum as standard
  • Frequency inverter as standard

A dryer which is affordable and efficient in equal parts

  • Large fluff filter

A versatile machine and perfectly adaptable to your business

  • Possibility of custom design
  • Prepared to work with Wet Cleaning
  • OPL > self-service: the standard OPL dryer convertible to self-service version

Ergonomics and low maintenance guaranteed

  • Stainless steel filter draw
  • Large diameter door
  • Reverse direction when door is opened
  • Folding panel: easy access and ergonomic
  • Technical menu: statistics, data recovery for after sales service, software updates with external console.

Other features that we should emphasise

  • White panels
  • Transmission through a  gear-motor
  • COOL DOWN: cooling at the end of the cycle
  • Available with electric, gas or steam heating
  • EC approved

Supplementary options of the Basic line from Primer

  • P controlled programming console
  • Possibility of installing a printer
  • P programmer with programming screen
  • Stainless steel steam battery
  • Wooden packaging
  • Ø200 silencer duct
  • Maritime voltage for electric models: 440 V III 50/60 Hz No N