At Primer you will find the best solutions for washing, drying and ironing, ensuring that they adapt perfectly to the specific needs of your laundry.
On this website you will be able to see the features and strengths of our laundry equipment, designed on the basis of 5 concepts that define all our machinery: high performance, energy efficiency, connectivity, robustness and versatility.

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  • We interviewed Marta Pérez and Gerard Navas, owners of LABAR

    We interviewed Marta Pérez and Gerard Navas, owners of LABAR, a new concept of bar-laundry that is triumphing in Barcelona and that this April has just opened its second location.

  • EXCELLENCE industrial tumble dryers, efficiency and innovation

    In this article we would like to introduce you to our new EXCELLENCE range of industrial tumble dryers, ranging from 11kg to 80kg capacity. They are the most innovative and efficient on the market and represent a real revolution in the world of industrial drying.


LP 8,10 T2
Washing machines for hotels with advanced features and a high degree of energy efficiency
LCA-16, 22 T2
Barrier washer extractors
Water Recovery Tank
The new OPTIMA double drum dryer from Primer


The perfect balance between INNOVATION, EFFICIENCY and SAVINGS

  • Installation: Hotel Laundry in Batea

    Country: Spain

    Sector: Hotel

  • Installation: Coin Laundry in Barcelona

    Country: Spain

    Sector: Coin Laundry