Cleanroom barrier washers LCA-16, 22, 36, 50, 66 T CLEANROOM

High spin soft mounted washer extractor, 2 opposed doors to avoid cross contamination.
Panels, drum and vat in stainless steel AISI 304.
Horizontally suspended drum by means of two axles which increase robustness, 1 compartment, except LCA-66 T CLEANROOM which has two compartments.
Front loading of dirty linen and back unloading of clean linen.
8 signals for liquid dosing.
Two water inlets standard, with plastic valves.
Out of balance detection by means of the inverter.
New T CONTROL microprocessor with a lot of devices for a greater flexibility.
26 preset programs, unlimited creation of new programs.
Wet Cleaning system integrated (standard).
Optimal load system integrated: manual indication of load.
Standard double display.
Electric or steam heating.
Extraction speed 1000 RPM.
G force 350.
Side panel divided into two, for easy maintenance of the drain.

Drum and vat in stainless steel AISI 316 L
Drum and vat in electropolished stainless steel.
Titration valve.
Pack stainless steel connections (pipes, water and air intakes) + HEPA air filter.
Third water intake.
Pack stainless steel: painted parts are replaced by stainless steel parts.
Central position drain valve.
Drum electric brake.
Relay card to increase up to 14 signals for liquid dosing.
Plinth up to height 850 mm from door bottom.
Stainless steel wall frame with rubber.
Acero inoxidable Fácil mantenimiento Mezclador automático (agua fría/caliente) Wet cleaning Variador de frecuencia Tercera entrada Touch technology Optimal KG Diseño eficiente del tambor
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